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My Happy Teenager - YES I AM

Your Child Deserve Happiness! Special Consultations For a Positive LIFE

My Happy Teenager!

1-this mentoring/coaching program consist of 3 to 5 weeks of consultation with your Son/daughter

Teenagers are facing drastic changes in this fast pace era, bombarded with technology/concepts and theories, full of YouTube videos, chaotic religion, dangerous concepts about the whole world.

On top of that the Parents nowadays, face a super busy life, leaving the teenager dwelling in his own thoughts, in a milieu where love, compassion, support is being absent!

Let’s face it we’re all absent nowadays! Sinking into our screens, not even aware of the beauty of life..!

Succumbing into the pressure of society, obligation, duties, intensified feeling of being followed, connected, as if we really have such great responsibility towards our “virtual friends on facebook, instagram, and million other platforms” but actually all this was forced upon us, hence the connection between parents and children is becoming neutral, passive , passing by turbulence and turmoil.

-As a Father of 2 girls, I know exactly what is going on, and thank god I know how to manage their growth, although I may face some obstacles, but with my wide experience in life and STRESS coaching,

Mentoring, nutrition consultancy, body therapies, CREATIVITY (being a pianist and a music composer)

I know well that without the harmonic pillars that a human being must maintain, our kids may face loneliness in an era of social media! Such as anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, worry, obsession, sadness…on an on…

How this consultation program works

In my first session I take as much info from the parents, and speak with the teenager or child both alone and in the presence of the parents.

2-I make sure he has not a severe mental illness, through my deep questionnaire, experience and intuition. If so, then he/she must be referred to a psychologist or psychiatrist .

-Assuming he did visit and consulted a psychologist/psychiatrist and nothing serious was found.

Here come my role as a STRESS MENTOR, Therapist that uses a combination of mind exercises, body exercises, proper breathing, proper stretching, focusing on his strengths, advising on which hobbies the teen must focus on, (such as music, painting, poetry, sports, martial arts, or others)

Let me be straight, CREATIVITY is the road to happiness

3- As a nutrition consultant, I must make sure that his proper diet serve his brain hormones, (serotonin, dopamine, gaba, others..) his vitamins and mineral intake must be well balanced.

4-re-wiring his thoughts and brain to a new thinking pattern and through applying positive psychology, will help the brain to achieve high level of happiness, and get back to a healthy state

A child must be happy, must learn to learn to control his mind, before these technologies sabotage the whole thinking

I know how painful the suffering of the parents is, when they are hopeless watching their child, falling into an abyss of misery! That’s not fair for them and the child

Exercises, such stretching, punching, martial arts, music therapy, talking, getting in the mind of the teenager is my passion and expertise and my mission to eradicate this suffering


In 3 to 5 weeks (2 or 3 time a week) your child will be shining back again with happiness, love and positivity

They deserve the best life, they deserve happiness, they were born happy, smiling, why not to follow that road!!

God bless you all!

Jad Mehanna


76 606410 –

03 743 648 Ms Hilda Mehanna , for booking and appointments.

Awkar/beit el chaar, 2 km above American embassy, near round point CO-OP Market/Bank Beirut

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