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Certification Life and Stress Coaching

                                               With Coach/Mentor Jad Mehanna

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March 6 –april 5 (each Tuesday and thrusday 7 to 9:30 for 5 weeks)

7 spots remaining! – AT DEKWANEH

Private Tutoring (7 potential spots for March) -at AWKAR


The Gap is getting wider or chaotic between Psychology and Stress coaching, HENCE STRESS COACHING IS A REVOLUTION in dealing with individuals who don’t require severe psychological intervention.

Each one of the mentioned has a specific role. Psychology and psychiatry for instance requires a normal-rigorous M.A or PHD degree, while we all know coaching is a non academic program

You Care for helping others?

You have Deep intuition and random knowledge about stress and would like to share it professionally?

Stress is on the rise like never before; people need the help of professionals.

Some cannot wait months, and years of endless sessions to feel they are back on track.

Do you Have empathy and love towards others?

Are you a professional (in another domain, and feel this course can be an added value?)

Learning the ancient and modern techniques of the body and the mind appeals to you?

If you answered yes, then this program is for you!

                                        ‘What is stress coaching?’

the stress coach can be a great bridge between all the clients (yes we call them clients, coaches are not allowed to see “sever mentally ill” patients!) who are lost and cannot get out of their STRESSFULL comfort zone

The majority of people are in that area.
Stress coaches provide solutions (body-mind-spirit), and help in these areas

-anger management

-Anxiety-irritation-depression (not due to a mental illness)

-goal achievements

-obstacles (body-mind-emotions)

Many others…

Many people prefer to follow the natural-way, through healthy food, healthy mental habits, and healthy life management.

Most importantly this program is unique in providing you tools for the physical and mental aspect.

After 500 clients, and years of coaching one on one or by groups, I think I know a thing or 2, about the secrets, insights, and wisdom in that arena

This program requires minimum 7 to 9 session, dedicated privately for your study or via a class environment,

Learning the standards international norms of coaching according to ICF ethics code ,Along with my personal experience and innovated techniques to achieve higher results .

-Course Fee (Class fits for 14 students) 1100$

-March 2 last delay – down payment 500$ to book your place.

8 places left (total 14)


-One on One Private Tutoring (7 students for march only!!)

Course Fee: 1500$ (1000 first payment /500 2nd month)

-Skype Tutoring

900$ (7 sessions) transfer or payment via credit card

Email or call/whatsapp +961 76606410

Browse The site for course details, and click download for full word document.