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    If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, Ocd, sadness, anger, add, adhd, mood swings and Others...

    , whatever your problem may be, physical, mental/emotional, or existential/ spiritual

    I am here For your help.

    Through Whatsasapp 0096171928805 send a question, I will reply by text or audio note, what can be done.

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    جاد مهنا، مدرب حياة ، مستشار تغذية ، أخصائي لمعالجة الضغط النفسي ،يمكنكم الإتصال أو إرسال على الوتساب للإستفسار ،من ثم يمكنكم البدء بجلسات كوشينغ عندما يرسل لكم رابط للدفع عبر بطاقة الإئتمان

    00961 71 928805

    20 min / 40 min/ 55 min

  • About Jad Mehanna

    Jad Mehanna, Mentor,Life Health and STRESS Reduction Coach ,Phd in Philosophy

    Studied Coaching since 2008, particularly Stress Management, Stress Reduction, combined with Proper Nutrition , and holistic health.

    Accomplished musician, since year 2000, also studied Music therapy.

    My Mission in Life is to help/guide the individual towards his/her goal and be a support for issues concerning the stress that can block one's career and LIFE.

    This era, needs a proper management of our LIFE , not managing our STRESS. The "DEJA-VU" techniques, are already OLD!

    Certified Life and Stress Coach
    Nutrition Consultant

    Stress management Techniques

    Holistic Health Coach

    Sacro- Cranial Therapist
    Trigger Point Therapist
    Meditation and breathing for Stress
    Body movement for Stress
    Music Therapist (healing with Music)



  • Life topics, Stress issues, Spirituality

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    Courage and low self esteem - الثقة بالنفس والوضوح

    Why body exercise are important to our mental health along with a good nutrition

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    In our lives, we are born into a physical body. We go through life not knowing that a second birth, a spiritual birth, awaits us. In a world full of stress, conflict, and chaos, trying to find a balance between mind, body, and the spiritual can be a difficult journey.
    Let me help you. I wrote this book as a guide on how to balance your mind and body and find your spiritual self. My advice and tips are simple to follow and incorporate into your routine. My guide can be useful in helping you say “No” to chaos and “Yes” to a more peaceful life.

    Title Text

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    ●CERTIFIED LIFE & STRESS COACH● March 6 –april 5 (each Tuesday and thrusday 7 to 9:30 for 5 weeks) 7 spots remaining! – AT DEKWANEH Private Tutoring (7 potential spots for March) -at AWKAR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Gap is getting wider or chaotic between Psychology and Stress coaching,...
    My Happy Teenager! 1-this mentoring/coaching program consist of 3 to 5 weeks of consultation with your Son/daughter Teenagers are facing drastic changes in this fast pace era, bombarded with technology/concepts and theories, full of YouTube videos, chaotic religion, dangerous concepts about the...
    Dear all, As we’re noticing. Gadgets are innovated and refined each day, each hour. And not any gadgets! AI machines with ability to replace us further and further. Who does wake up without reaching his phone to check the amount of likes? In a matter of 1 min our head will be loaded in over 50...
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    Say Yes to Life and No to Chaos

    A Practical Guide to living a healthy, happy, and fulfilling Life

    If you’re looking to find a good balance between a peaceful, happy mind and a healthy body, this book has great practical tips for you.

    this book not only speaks about the causes of stress but about solutions and about secrets techniques and know-how. to ELIMINATE Stress.



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    Practical Tips for Chronic Stress E-book

    E-BOOK !! {Practical Tips For Chronic Stress} !!!

    In Only 50 pages, you will get info and tips, condensed in a nice, practical and light way, more than 10 heavy books.

    For you to heal From stress, you must understand it, get more info
    accept it
    learn tips from all 3 angles

    Trust me I have been there, and I'm sharing my knowledge as never read before

    From My perspective as a life coach, stress coach, nutrition consultant
    music composer, author

    you will not get this type of info in this clear matter anywhere


    you will get over 10 pieces of music, burn down a cd, and listen to it
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    كيفية التخلص من الضغط النفسي ، وإستعادة الفرح والسلام الداخلي -شرح وحلول - كتابة جاد مهنا


    1. المقدمة
    2. من أنت؟ من أين اتيت؟
    3. معرفة جسدك.
    (الجانب المادي من وجودنا)
    4. كيف بدأ كل شيء؟
    5. دراسة الإختلالات الوظيفية للجسد وطرق العلاج
    6. لماذا يحب الجسد الحركة؟
    7. استكشاف عقلك وروحك
    8. قوة الوعي والعقل الباطن
    9. ما هو العقل؟ هل هو نفسه الدماغ؟
    10. الإختلالات العقلية
    11. السلوكين الأكثر قوة للعقل
    12. روحانية نفسك
    13. علاج نفسك جسدياً وذهنياً
    14. مفاهيم خاطئة شائعة
    نصائح عملية لإستعادة الوضوح والعقلانية

    إلى كل القراء:
    الآن وقد بات بعضٌ منكم يألف قناتي FB@stress.coach1
    أود أن اُشارككم هذا الكتيب المضاد للتوتر.

    إن إيجاد طريقة لحل مشكلة التوترليس أمراً هيناً بالفعل ولكن هذه الأيام بات التوتر شيئاً مهيباً حتى ظن أغلب البشر أنه لعنة يستحيل التخلص منها.

    Relaxation Music : Stress Away
    takes you to a magical world

    Stream and download from your favorite apps and stores (click on pic)


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