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Guiding you out of Stress

Stress is an enourmous subject, fact and deceiving evil! That can sabotage your life!
From a low mood refusing to go out, belly aches symptoms, panic attacks
Fear, depression, anxiety..death! (The lead root of anxiety and fear)
Obsession, procrastination…

Who started these? Did it come all from the mind? Most probably yes,
Did some physical organic ailment or inflamation started a chronic pain that triggers brain hormones to reduce good feelings?

Is it a past trauma , a past incident that stayed subconsciously in your head?..never under estimate the power of the mind.

Your brother, father, mother, sister, spouse have a dominant character that are influencing u ,and u dont know what to do?

Relation ship sabotaging your daily life?
And tons and tons of problems…the results is chaos…
Stomach pain..back pain..digestion problems..insomnia (which without it no healing can begin).

I decided since 10 years to start a road un orthodox..while.studying academically and through seminars and experiencing and devoring books..the road to healing and changing my life.

I experienced all that..besides being a music composer…it leaded me to understand and feel more each note i create and it s image or emotions….hence what are these emotions??….and the road started.

To sum it up..i noticed the western medical system psychiatrists, psychologist have part of the truth, dr s do have too, chemistry and pharmaceuticul drugs may have part of it…but is it the way to healing from inside.?.or to.shut the symptoms.?

When we start realising that there is a being behind the one who changes mrs dr ..teacher..wife..husband..titles and labels..sad..confused…happy..angry.there is someone who doesnt change who can only know bliss.

But it took you years to lay all the mud over your being..won t u give it few months to take it off.?
I feel so hurt and bad when i see beings being led to wrong roads and paths…by doctors who are in rush to see the next patient and earn the cash. are one of the roles of a healer.

I studied clinical nutrition, acupressure, life and stress coaching, meditation.
So i can observe..feel and listen to the person s feelings and needs.
And when i can t i don t keep on..i know how to guide him to a specific dr who may help.him in a specific point in one session before we continue.

My mission is to help persons, to make a full transformation
By exercices, mentally, and gently physically, weekly sheets, music therapy,proper.nutrition and body treatment.

You are one.! BODY..MIND…SOUL. not separate
The more we separate..the more u ll.need 30.dr s and endless medicines and u won t discover your true self that can heal it self.

Achieving a plan for.your life is my task and your task.
I can keep holding your hand..until you will walk alone..with no one s help.except god ‘s.

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