What is NLP? NLP simply explained
  • What is NLP? NLP simply explained
  • What is NLP? NLP simply explained

What is NLP? NLP simply explained

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1. What does NLP stand for?
2. What are the benefits of NLP?
3. Where does NLP come from? The origin
4. Quotations on NLP
5. Is NLP dangerous?
6. The effectiveness of NLP
7. The NLP Assumptions
8. The top 10 NLP techniques
9. Learning NLP, but how?
10. How do I start as a beginner?
11. Possibilities to learn NLP
12. NLP training structure
13. NLP certificates
14. Areas of application
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What does NLP stand for? Neurolinguistic Programming, NLP for short, is a motivational and communication model that was developed in the seventies. It was developed through the analysis of very successful psychotherapists and is used today in various areas of life such as therapy, sales, leadership, partnership and in dealing with children. NLP brings together conversation-, behaviour-, hypno- and body oriented approaches. Thereby our thinking, feeling and behaviour (neuro) is systematically changed (programmed) by means of language (linguistics)

Let us take a closer look at the individual components of this complex name:  Neuro: Neuro refers to the nervous system that we need to absorb and process information from the environment through our sensory organs. Our perception, our thinking, feeling and behaviour depend on our nervous system.  Linguistics: Linguistics stands for the language we use to communicate with other people outwardly and at the same time inwardly with ourselves. Words create our inner reality.  Programming: Programming means a purposeful systematic change. The NLP approach means: I change as purposefully as possible and maintain this change so that I can build on it. This way I do not have to start from scratch every time. Do you want to improve your communication in order to deal with people more successfully? You want to be more creative and develop your full potential? Then make your life and your personality happier and more successful with the help of NLP!